ADAS Calibration Services

Our ADAS Calibration Services

Car ADAS provides our customers simplicity and convenience through electronic scheduling, pick-up, and delivery service.

We offer more efficient and affordable ADAS calibration services due to our dedicated facility and our sole purpose of vehicle safety system diagnosis, repair, and calibration.

Diagnostic Scanning

  • We offer a complete understanding of all vehicle Advanced Driver Assistance Systems’ (ADAS) current condition
  • We will provide a full service report including
    • List of all ADAS on vehicle
    • All ADAS with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
    • Documentation of pre-existing conditions

Clear Codes

  • We will clear all codes before beginning the actual calibration of a vehicle
  • If we are unable to clear codes, we will work as your partner to correct any vehicle ADAS issues

Wheel Alignment Verification

  • It is not possible to complete a precise calibration without verifying the wheel alignment
  • Our calibration process includes an Electronic Alignment Verification (EAV), whenever applicable
  • Our EAV Report is included in our Electronic File Documentation


  • We offer full ADAS calibration services
  • We utilize the most accurate and most up-to-date hardware and software
  • We will perform a precise calibration in a controlled, lab environment
  • A complete calibration report


  • All calibrations include a complete Electronic File Documentation, accessible through our Cloud-Based Portal
    • Photo documentation of calibration phases
    • Current calibration procedure
    • Electronic Alignment Verification (EAV) Report

Module Programming

  • We have the ability to reprogram any replacement ADAS module

Post Calibration Health Scan

  • After the Calibration Process, we will “wake up” each ADAS Module and verify it is fully operational

Test Drive

  • A calibration is not complete until it has passed a documented Test Drive, in partnership with Test Drive CoPilot
  • The Test Drive CoPilot report is also included in our Electronic File Documentation


  • Pick-up and delivery (valet) service
  • Electronic scheduling
  • Electronic updates
  • Electronic (instant) invoicing and documentation