ADAS Calibration Services

Our ADAS Calibration Services

Car ADAS provides our customers simplicity and convenience through electronic scheduling, pick-up, and delivery service.

We offer more efficient and affordable ADAS calibration services due to our dedicated facility and our sole purpose of vehicle safety system diagnosis, repair, and calibration.

  • We offer a complete understanding of all vehicle Advanced Driver Assistance Systems’ (ADAS) current condition
  • We will provide a full service report including
    • List of all ADAS on vehicle
    • All ADAS with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
    • Documentation of pre-existing conditions
  • We will clear all codes before beginning the actual calibration of a vehicle
  • If we are unable to clear codes, we will work as your partner to correct any vehicle ADAS issues
  • It is not possible to complete a precise calibration without verifying the wheel alignment
  • Our calibration process includes an Electronic Alignment Verification (EAV), whenever applicable
  • Our EAV Report is included in our Electronic File Documentation
  • We offer full ADAS calibration services
  • We utilize the most accurate and most up-to-date hardware and software
  • We will perform a precise calibration in a controlled, lab environment
  • A complete calibration report
  • All calibrations include a complete Electronic File Documentation, accessible through our Cloud-Based Portal
    • Photo documentation of calibration phases
    • Current calibration procedure
    • Electronic Alignment Verification (EAV) Report
  • We have the ability to reprogram any replacement ADAS module
  • After the Calibration Process, we will “wake up” each ADAS Module and verify it is fully operational
  • A calibration is not complete until it has passed a documented Test Drive, in partnership with Test Drive CoPilot
  • The Test Drive CoPilot report is also included in our Electronic File Documentation
  • Pick-up and delivery (valet) service
  • Electronic scheduling
  • Electronic updates
  • Electronic (instant) invoicing and documentation