Car ADAS Solutions Announces Largest Calibration Center: Empire ADAS in New York

Car ADAS Solutions, a leading provider of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration technology and services, announces the addition of Empire ADAS, LLC, a new licensee in Clifton Park, NY. The company’s 6,800-square-foot facility is the largest Car ADAS Solutions licensee in the country.
Michael Trimarchi, the operations manager for Empire ADAS, said the company is committed to providing quality service, operating with integrity and remaining on the cutting edge of ADAS technology.
“Many professionals don’t understand the necessary steps to calibration, which can be dangerous and create a lot of problems,” said Trimarchi, who has been involved in the automotive repair industry for 47 years. “Our motto at Empire ADAS is ‘Our precision is driven by your safety.’ We want to perform the best practice possible to do a calibration and the team at Car ADAS Solutions has helped us understand what that is.”
“It’s all about repairing vehicles correctly,” said Greg Peeters, CEO of Car ADAS Solutions. “Michael’s driving force for this was evident from our first conversation, making Empire ADAS a perfect partner in our fast-growing calibration licensing network. We are fortunate to work with great industry leaders like Empire ADAS and their leadership team. Michael and his team are truly pioneering the calibration industry with their calibration mega center in New York.”

Trimarchi learned about calibration about three years ago while working for a third-party service provider.

“I learned how to do calibrations accurately with original manufacturer equipment,” said Trimarchi. “It was a natural fit for me because I have a strong background in automotive electronic technology.”

In the fall of 2021, Trimarchi was approached to set up a calibration center and thought it was a great idea.

“I Googled ADAS calibration centers and Car ADAS Solutions showed up,” recalls Trimarchi. “I read the company’s bio on their website and realized that this was exactly what we needed to do.”

When Empire ADAS was established in May 2022, Trimarchi and two employees began calibrating vehicles for the surrounding community out of a body shop in Clifton Park. In September, the team moved into their own facility about three miles away.

Trimarchi said Car ADAS Solutions provided guidance and support to set up the business. This included finding and training staff, purchasing equipment and marketing. They also ensured the Empire ADAS facility had proper lighting and a level floor.

“The Car ADAS Solutions team has been very supportive through just about every facet of the business,” he said.

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