ADAS Calibration Documentation Checklist for ADAS Services Providers: Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance

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Worldwide, there are 100,000,000 cars with at least one advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), and it’s only a matter of time until every driver has one. Is your calibration center or auto shop equipped for documenting ADAS installation and repairs?

As ADAS-equipped cars become more prevalent, the demand for accurate and compliant ADAS calibration services increases. To ensure that your technicians deliver these critical services efficiently and accurately, you must develop and adhere to documentation SOPs.  

Here is a guide to the essential items you should include in your ADAS calibration documents and why having a proper process is crucial to your center’s success.

Why Proper Documentation Matters for ADAS Calibrations

It is vital to have a documentation process when it comes to your ADAS services for many reasons. From service quality to client safety, here are the benefits of ADAS calibrators documenting their services strategically.

Ensures Calibration is Serviced Correctly

First, it is crucial for ADAS calibration centers to perform accurate calibrations. Documentation helps ensure that the service was completed following OEM service documentation correctly. It helps hold service providers accountable for the work they perform and make sure it is compliant with all safety measures.

Provides Traceability

Documentation provides a record of the service that you can refer back to if any technical issues arise with the calibration. For example, if there is a misaligned sensor, having detailed documents provides traceability if the sensor was misaligned from a subsequent accident vs. the calibrator’s installation. It can also help to identify any areas where you could improve the service in the future.

Service Compliance

Proper ADAS service documentation is required for compliance purposes. All vehicles must adhere to certain inspections, laws, and regulations — and ADAS services are no different. Keeping detailed records of all ADAS services ensures your technicians always comply with the latest ADAS vehicle safety standards.

Driver Protection

Additionally, in an accident, proper documentation can help investigators determine whether the ADAS system was functioning correctly or not. For all these reasons, it is essential for ADAS calibration centers to document their services for driving safety measures. By documenting ADAS services, calibrators can also identify patterns and trends to enhance safety measures for drivers.

Documentation is a vital part of providing comprehensive and high-quality ADAS services. Without it, calibration centers risk driver safety, remain open to liability, and may even struggle to retain clients.

12 Items ADAS Service Providers Must Document

Now that we’ve discussed the significance of proper documentation for ADAS services, here is a checklist of 12 items ADAS services providers should document:

  1. Service date and time
  2. Year, make, and model
  3. Client contact information
  4. ADAS system(s) type
  5. Service reason
  6. Service description
  7. Technician contact information
  8. Test and inspection results
  9. System issues
  10. System resolutions
  11. Parts and materials used
  12. Total cost

By including these items, ADAS service providers can ensure they cover all bases for documentation.

Tips for Accurate ADAS Services Documentation

As an ADAS service provider, your documentation must be accurate to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Here are some tips to help you maintain proper documentation:

  • Keep all service records up to date and easily accessible
  • Ensure all calibration and adjustment data are accurately recorded
  • Use standardized forms and templates for all documentation
  • Review documents regularly to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Seek feedback from clients and key stakeholders on documentation accuracy and clarity

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your ADAS services are compliant, organized, and successful.

Documentation Mistakes to Avoid

Documenting ADAS services properly is critical for driver safety and compliance. Mistakes can lead to inaccuracies, non-compliance, safety risks, and costly delays. Below are some mistakes to avoid when it comes to documenting your ADAS services.

Recording Inaccurate Information

There are a few details that ADAS calibrators should practice when documenting their services. First, they should make sure that all information is accurate. For example, some ADAS systems may require OEM glass and if this is not properly recorded for technicians to reference, the sensors will not work properly or at all. Inaccurate information can lead to serious driver safety issues, so it is crucial to be as precise as possible. 

Using Jargon & Acronyms

ADAS technicians should avoid using jargon or acronyms in their documentation. Some technical language may not be understood by the customers or other technicians. It can also be confusing, so it is best to avoid them altogether. 

Here are some tips to avoiding jargon and acronyms in ADAS service documentation:

  • Use plain language to explain any terms or processes
  • Provide enough detail so anyone who is unfamiliar with the system or process can understand what needs to be done and why
  • If you must use an acronym, make sure to spell it out first and provide a definition

By following these tips, practitioners can avoid common mistakes that can lead to problems with their documentation. Taking the time to document ADAS services accurately and thoroughly can provide valuable services to clients and grow your ADAS calibration center

How to Capture Proper Photos of ADAS Services

In addition to written documentation, ADAS calibrators should capture photos throughout the servicing process. These pictures are invaluable in assisting with investigations or troubleshooting issues. Here is a breakdown of the vehicle pictures ADAS calibrators should take when providing services.

Odometer & Mileage

Before starting any work, take a picture of the vehicle’s odometer reading and the current mileage to show the customer. This will keep a record of the original state of the vehicle before service.

Before Service Photos

Take pictures of the vehicle damage you will be repairing. This helps the customer’s car insurance company process the claim and provides a record of what you are repairing.

Work Area

Capture service area photos before the technicians begin ADAS calibrations or repairs.  This measure will act as a placeholder of where they left off if they must stop. For example, if the calibrators are troubleshooting system issues and it takes longer than a day, they must return exactly to where they left off.

Repair Process

As the calibrators are working, take photos of each step of the repair process. This keeps a record of how to repair it if you must do it again in the future. It will also help the customer see what was done to their vehicle and the progress made. It can also help build client retention when your calibration center is transparent about the services you provide. 

After Service Photos

When you finish the repair, take a photo of the completed work. This final step shows the customer that the service was performed correctly. It will also help your team remember what was serviced if there are any new issues in the future. 

These pictures provide ADAS calibrator centers with a visual record of their services. Service process photos ensure that all aspects are documented and easily accessed.

Use ADAS Calibration Documentation as a Marketing Tool to Attract New Customers

Now that you know why documentation for ADAS services matters and what should be included, here is how to use proper documentation as a marketing tool for your calibration center. 

As mentioned, a benefit of documentation is that it helps identify patterns and trends indicative of more significant system issues. By documenting ADAS services, calibration centers can use this data to monitor trends and attract new customers. 

For example, if a particular vehicle has many ADAS system issues, you can use that information to market your services to those vehicle owners. By proactively promoting your services to specific drivers who need them, you can attract ideal customers, overcome ADAS center challenges, and help grow the business.

Drive Your ADAS Calibration Center to the Next Level

Documentation is key for ADAS services providers. Not only does it ensure accuracy and compliance, but it can also help attract and sustain new high-volume clients.  

Our turnkey ADAS solutions make creating and maintaining accurate documentation easy so that you can focus on what you do best – providing top-notch ADAS calibration services.

Do you want to own an ADAS calibration center or need help upgrading your operations? Contact us for help getting started.

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