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Auto shop owners and management—are you interested in expanding your shop for servicing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) vehicles but need help determining where to start or if it’s worth it? Then this article is for you.

ADAS technology is becoming the standard for new vehicles, and knowing how to properly service vehicles with these features can give your auto shop a competitive market edge. Understanding where to start can be challenging if you’re considering adding ADAS services to your auto shop. It requires special training, facility space, and more.

Here’s how to prepare for expanding into auto shop ADAS services and the return-on-investment it provides.

How to Prepare Your Auto Shop for ADAS Services

You’ll need to prepare your shop for expansion and certification to ensure success when providing ADAS services. Investing in the necessary equipment and employee training are required to handle ADAS calibration tools and meet ADAS compliance standards. Lastly, you’ll want to verify that your facility can house ADAS calibration equipment.

Below is a guide on how auto shops can plan to provide ADAS services at their facilities.

Equipment Needed to Service ADAS Vehicles

With every service comes the tools of the trade and some crucial pieces of ADAS equipment auto shops need to invest in to get started.

Here are the core pieces of ADAS equipment that auto shops will need:

  • ADAS Diagnostic Tablets
  • ADAS Calibration Fixtures
  • ADAS Calibration Targets
  • ADAS Calibration Kit Accessories
    • Reflective metal plate
    • Metal trihedral reflector
    • Window calibration tools
    • Floor mat calibration targets
    • Doppler simulators

Remember, the equipment you’ll need varies with different OEMs, models, and even years. Be sure to research further into which vehicles you will be primarily focusing services on.

At Car ADAS Solutions, we can transform your auto shop into an ADAS calibration center if you need help getting started.

Employee Training for ADAS Calibration Services

Employee training is essential when servicing vehicle ADAS components. Such technologies rely on intricate software, sensors, and communication networks to function, so technicians must understand how an ADAS vehicle’s features intersect and interact and how to diagnose different issues appropriately.

Providing continuing education for auto shop technicians will help them thoroughly understand complex ADAS systems and effectively service ADAS-equipped vehicles. Most ADAS calibration center training programs show technicians how to operate the equipment they’ll be using regularly for ADAS repairs and calibrations.

ADAS Facility Requirements

To properly service ADAS vehicles, specific facility requirements must be met. This includes the necessary physical space, proper adjustable lighting, flooring, and power supply.

Facility Size

Bosch Diagnostics states that an ADAS calibration center must have a calibration bay of at least 34ft x 25ft for bare minimum calibration services. However, they recommend 45ft x 30ft for a more versatile workspace. If you want the most flexible space for calibration services and more, then a bay of 60ft by 40ft is typically the best option.

Facility Lighting

Poor lighting can lead to inaccurate calibration. Your area should have high-quality LED lighting that doesn’t flicker or cast heavy shadows. It’s also crucial to ensure the entire workspace has uniform, diffused lighting. Otherwise, minor elements such as shadows, refractions, or even garage doors could confuse the sensor.

At a minimum, your facility should have the following:

  • Adjustable lighting options
  • Lighting positioning options
  • Curtains or shades on every window

With these adjustments, you’ll be able to service ADAS features without any light interference.

Facility Flooring

Flooring is equally crucial as facility size and lighting. Every vehicle should be serviced on a flat and level surface. Many OEMs require floor level within +/- 10mm. This ensures that measurements and calibrations are serviced accurately. Consider purchasing an integrated alignment rack if you are trying to achieve a level surface.

Facility Power Supply

You’ll need access to a reliable and stable power supply to run ADAS sensor equipment. This usually means having an outlet near the calibration area that can provide a consistent flow of electricity when working on a vehicle. Consider purchasing a power generator if your auto shop doesn’t have access to a dedicated outlet.

Now that you know how auto shops should plan for ADAS services, you’ll be adequately prepared for your facility’s expansion. Expanding an auto shop into an ADAS calibration center can be one of the most challenging parts.

If you’re an auto shop owner or manager with questions about expanding services for ADAS vehicles, contact us for a consultation today.

Prepare Your Auto Shop for ADAS Vehicles Today

It’s only a matter of time until every vehicle is designed with an ADAS system. Preparing for ADAS services is necessary if your auto shop wants to meet these rising demands.

At Car ADAS Solutions, we provide turnkey ADAS solutions for auto shops, dealerships, and ADAS calibration centers. Our services include everything needed to calibrate and repair ADAS vehicles at your facility.

Looking to add ADAS services to your existing auto shop? Learn how we can help expand your auto shop into a successful ADAS calibration center today!

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